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Amos NASV. But notice the reference to the Gentiles. In fact, it seems the restoration would be primarily for this purpose — to bring in the gentiles. This passage is mentioned again by leaders of the early church when controversy erupted after the gentiles became Christians and were filled with the Holy Spirit. The church called a meeting to decide what to do with these outsiders. Some of the Judaizers thought the church needed to circumcised the gentiles. Essentially they needed to become Jews before becoming Christians.

At the conference, James quoted the Amos passage Acts , and said it was being fulfilled before their eyes. Further he added gentiles did not need to be circumcised, they would come in as equal partners in faith with the Jews.

The Tabernacle of David was a symbol or foreshadow of the church. The prophet Isaiah described this in a slightly different way. The Tabernacle of Moses had its purpose. It showed the perfection needed to come before the Presence of God. No sin. No illegitimacy. But the Tabernacle of David showed the mercy of God. Galatians NASV. The Ark of the Covenant slipped and Uzzah reached out steady it. As soon as his hand touched the Ark of the Covenant, he was immediately struck dead by the Presence of God.

Stunned, the procession stopped. No doubt at this moment David thought he had made a huge mistake moving the Ark out of the Tabernacle of Moses.

They quickly arranged to store the Ark at the farm of Obed-edom. He was a Gittite — a gentile. Probably fearing for their lives, David and his entourage headed back to Jerusalem. The Ark sat at the farm for three months.

Tabernacle of David

But something bizarre began to happen God blessed this gentile farmer. It was so noticeable that the news even reached King David at his palace. It revealed one important thing. God was not angered by the Ark being moved out of the Tabernacle of Moses. If He was, Obed-edom would have been cursed, not blessed. I am flabbergasted by your wonderful article on the Tabernacle of David! Awesome work, I am blessed beyond words by it. Like Liked by 1 person. Like Like. However, the Tabernacle of Moses was located at Gibeon at this time. After the Ark was captured by the Philistians, it was never placed into the Tabernacle of Moses again.

Very insightful expository writing on the Tabernacle of David. My understanding is enlightened. Thank you for sharing and it was a timely read. Dean, thank you for your article and emphasis on the value of the Tabernacle of David as the forerunner to the church we are now part of.

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I wanted to know why you assert that the Ark of the Covenant was taken from Gibeon? Is there another scripture that indicates the Ark was in Gibeon?

Restoring the Tabernacle of David worship in the Church

Thanks very much for your comment. I had corrected that mistake earlier, but I missed my second mention of Gibeon later in the article. Thanks very much for pointing it out. God Bless. Everyone is born a sinner. It pass down from the first man Adam.

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David understand the Torah. Before he came into the presence of God, he needed an animal goat, Lamb to make atonement for his sins. He is not a illegitimate child. You have misunderstood the scripture. Thanks for your comment Jackie. I realize that we have traditionally used this verse to prove the sin nature of man, which I wholeheartedly agree with this.

7. The Fulfillment of the Davidic Covenant

But when David said I was conceived in sin, was he talking about his sin nature or are we to take this verse literally? Great article. One point you might want to look at. The ark was taken to war and captured by the philistines. David was bringing it back to Jerusalem. He did not take it from the wilderness tabernacle. He just brought it back to Jerusalem instead of returning it to the wilderness tabernacle. Thank you for your enlightening article, Dean.

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It answers so many questions! He was allowed to serve before the Ark in the Tabernacle that had no curtain 1 Chron. Because David obviously acts as a High Priest while transporting the Arc and latter on says about his son Solomon that he is installed as a priest according to the order of Melchizedek Ps. Melchizedek was a king-priest of Salem. He was a gentile, yet, Abraham payed him a tribute Gen. Thanks for your comment. I have been wondering about how Melchizedek fits into all this as well.

He is a very interesting Old Testament figure. Thanks for this insightful article. Whether David was illegitimate or not, I think you have really captured the heart and intention of God — expounded beautifully on the prophecies — and wrapped it all up in a way that makes me celebrate His goodness. Finally, your wonderfully brief but comprehensive history of the Ark was fun to read. I am not at all offended by the suggestion that David was illegitimate. Your theory really absolutely makes perfect sense!

I have never understood why David was not be brought before the prophet. This is a great explanation for that. Thanks for the article! It was an enjoyable read. Hi BreAnna thanks for your comme nt. It also shows that God is not a respector of persons. No matter what your background is God will use you. I really enjoyed reading this. I have been studying a great deal as of late since discovering my Jewish DNA. I am not convinced that God wants a third temple built either. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

I only heard about the Tabernacle of David this year and its significance to the New testament Church. I am studying this subject further and your information has helped me a lot. I have studied and noted the order of things in the Tabernacle in the wilderness Tabernacle of Moses and of how God repeatedly told Moses to build it after the pattern He was showing him.

Can you please shed some more light on this!

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That is a very good question. I think the Tabernacle of Moses represented the law and perfection of God. David Swan states: Praise and worship is the main activity around the throne of God. It is also the activity that takes place closest to the throne.

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