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Gather together all documents that need to be translated, and send them all at once to benefit from discounts based on volume as of 10, words. We can also edit source code files such as Html, Php, Xml, Po, etc. Where necessary we are able to offer an express translation service to meet urgent requirements. We will even complete express translations outside of normal business hours. Send us the original documents and indicate languages, turnaround time, contact details, etc. We will send you an exact quote with our best price offer. At Ibidem we are seriously committed to both efficiency and quality.

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Learn about the translation process, and discover our unique translation methodology. Spanish is the most demanded language, the most international one. We translate millions of words into Spanish, always using native Spanish translators.

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These can be direct translations from English into Spanish , or inverse from Spanish into English. The process would be the same for any other language: French, German, Italian, Portuguese The translation rate is calculated based on the word count of the original document. The turnaround for translations in English is normally about 3 days.

We offer an express translation service in 24 hours. Need a translation into Spanish? These are official translations, signed and sealed by a sworn translator, with full legal validity. These are normally diplomas, certificates, deeds, etc. The price is calculated per word, with a minimum per document.

Send us your originals and we'll give you a fixed price. The turnaround for Sworn Translations into English is slightly longer, normally about 4 days. Need a Sworn Translation? More than 70 positive reviews on Google, with an average score of 9. No mystery: perfect translations, happy clients. Ibidem Group, your reliable translation partner.

Get an immediate quote and start your translation project right away. Alike most other websites, we also use Google Analytics to gather usability and marketing metrics from our visitors. By browsing this website and its blog , you agree with our Cookies Policy.

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Offices in 5 European countries: - Spain Barcelone. Online payment. Traducteurs natifs, experts de leur domaine: technique, financier, juridique, marketing, etc. Spain-based translation agency Quality translations into Spanish at very affordable prices A good translation should be precise, rich, fresh and authentic, as if it was originally written in that language, be it Spanish, English, French or German.

Ibidem Group, a unique translation agency. We are a Spanish translation agency, specialised in Spanish translations. Specialized translation services Contracts, deeds, annual accounts, legal proceedings, reports, marketing catalogues, websites Document translation. Sworn Translations. On-site translators. See all languages. Discounts on volume Gather together all documents that need to be translated, and send them all at once to benefit from discounts based on volume as of 10, words. Express translations Where necessary we are able to offer an express translation service to meet urgent requirements.

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One can easily find translations of words, set expressions and grammar reference. Document translation The new version supports translation in the OpenDocument Format. Read more about language pairs. Request product demo. Partners Find a partner Reseller program Affiliate program. My Account.

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Plug-ins with translation capabilities are supported for the following third-party applications: Microsoft Office XP only bit versions , OpenOffice. Compliance with the Approved Terminology and Document Style Terminology used in the customer company is the highest priority in the dictionaries. Operations with Terminology Automatic terminology extraction and handling; Toolkit for operations with terminological candidates.

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Available services for translation quality improvement are: Development of glossaries and dictionaries for accurate terminology translation; Filling of translation memories with previously made translations; PROMT machine translation training and customization including dictionaries, TMs, etc. High Level of Translation Quality Improved translation algorithms, updated dictionaries and unique PROMT translation technology, provide the best quality of machine translation from and into English.

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Simply select a word or a text fragment in any program or on any web site, click a "hotkey", and the resulting translation will appear in a popup window. Confidentiality To translate, you don't need an Internet connection. Your personal data and any translated information will not be disclosed to the third parties. Save of Time and Recourses Letters, scientific articles, legal agreements, tables, presentations — all the documents you need for work, you can read in the native language or instantly translate for your friends and partners.